Programs of Study

Constantin College of Liberal Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts in Art - Art History

Bachelor of Arts in Art - Ceramics

Bachelor of Arts in Art - Painting

Bachelor of Arts in Art - Printmaking

Bachelor of Arts in Art - Sculpture

Core Program (All Art Majors)

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Bachelor of Arts in Business

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Bachelor of Arts in Classical Philology - Focus in Greek or Latin

Bachelor of Arts in Classics - Focus in Greek or Latin

Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Literary Traditions

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science

Bachelor of Arts in Drama

Bachelor of Arts in Economics

Bachelor of Arts in Education

Bachelor of Arts in English

Bachelor of Arts in History

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish)

Paideia Personalized Major Program

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Letters

Bachelor of Arts in Politics

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Theology

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Bachelor of Science in Biology

Bachelor of Science in Business

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Economics

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Physics

Bachelor of Science in Physics with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering (UTA)

4+1 Programs

4+1 in Education

4+1 in English

4+1 in Philosophy

4+1 in Politics

4+1 in Psychology

4+1 in Theology

4+1 MBA

4+1 MS in Accounting

4+1 MS in Business Analytics

4+1 MS in Cyber Intelligence

4+1 MS in Cybersecurity

4+1 MS in Finance

4+1 MS in Financial Analytics

Master Programs

Braniff Graduate School

Master of American Studies

Master of Arts in Art

The Master of Fine Arts

Master of Arts in Classics

Master of Arts in English

Master of Arts in Humanities

Master of Arts in Humanities with Alternative Certification

Master of Arts in Humanities with Classical Education Concentration

Master of Arts in Philosophy

Master of Arts in Politics

Master of Arts in Psychology

Master of Arts in Teaching

   Elementary State Certification

   Secondary State Certification

   Secondary Texas Catholic Conference Certification

   Master of Catholic School Leadership

Master of Classics

Master of English

Master of Humanities

Master of Humanities with Classical Education Concentration

Master of Philosophy

Master of Politics

Master of Psychology

Master of Psychology with Clinical Concentration

Masters in Theology and Ministry

   Master of Arts in Theology

   Master of Catechetical Ministry

   Master of Divinity

   Master of Pastoral Ministry

   Master of Theology

   Master of Theological Studies with Biblical Theology Concentration

   M.P.M. Campus Ministry Concentration

   M.P.M. Church Management Concentration

   M.P.M. Health Care Ministry Concentration

   M.P.M. Youth Ministry Concentration

Doctor of Business Administration

The Institute of Philosophic Studies




Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering 

Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering with Bachelor of Science in Physics Dual Degree Program

Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of Business

Master of Science in Accounting

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering with a BS in Physics or Biology

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Master of Science in Cyber Intelligence

Master of Science in Cybersecurity

Master of Science in Finance

Master of Science in Financial Analytics

Master of Business Administration

MBA Concentration in Accounting

MBA Concentration in Business Analytics

MBA Concentration in Cybersecurity

MBA Concentration in Finance

MBA Concentration in Technology Management

MBA Concentration in Marketing

MBA Concentration in Strategic Leadership

MS Minor in Accounting

MS Minor in Business Analytics

MS Minor in Cybersecurity

MS Minor in Finance

MS Minor in Technology Management

MS Minor in Marketing

MS Minor in Strategic Leadership

Doctor of Business Administration

Certificate Programs

Alternative Teacher Certification

Catholic Teacher Certificate

Certificate in Classical Learning

Certificate in Propaedeutic Studies

EC-6 Core Subjects

English Language Arts and Reading 4-8

English Language Arts Reading/Social Studies 4-8

Mathematics 4-8

Science 4-8

Social Studies 4-8


Undrgraduate Concentrations and Minor

Concentration in Accounting

Concentration in American Politics

Concentration in Anthropology and Sociology  

Concentration in Applied Mathematics

Concentration in Applied Physics

Concentration in Art History 

Concentration in Biblical Greek

Concentration in Biopsychology

Concentration in Christian Contemplative Traditions

Concentration in Comparative Literary Traditions

Concentration in Computer Science

Concentration in Drama

Concentration in Education

Concentration in Environmental Science

Concentration in Ethics

Concentration in History and Philosophy of Science

Concentration in International Studies

Concentration in Jewish Studies

Concentration in Journalism

Concentrations in Language

Concentration in Latin American Studies

Concentration in Leadership

Concentration in Legal Studies

Concentration in Marketing

Concentration in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Concentration in Molecular Biology

Concentration in Music

Concentration in Pastoral Ministry

Concentration in Political Philosophy

Concentration in Pure Mathematics

Concentration in Sacred Music

Concentration in Studio Art

Concentration in Theology

Minor in Business