Campus Life

Students at the University of Dallas find that the close community relationships of the campus, the intense creative and intellectual experiences of the classroom, and the general commitment of purpose provided by a religious atmosphere, come together to give a sense of freedom and integration.

A special characteristic of the university is the relationship between students and faculty. An undergraduate faculty-student ratio of 1 to 14 permits the personal attention of fine professors who consider teaching their primary focus. Ninety percent of the full-time undergraduate faculty hold the terminal degree in their field.

Academic and social life are closely linked at the university. The stimulation of the classroom often spurs extracurricular activities, as well as many events such as lecture and film series, art exhibitions, plays, and musical events.

Many undergraduate activities are organized and sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs and include such traditions as Charity Week, Groundhog, and the Spring Formal. The Office of Student Affairs plans a calendar of musical entertainment events, volunteer opportunities, intramural sports, and rec programs. Academic departments sponsor parties and lectures. For residential students, activities in the residence halls are organized by the student resident assistants (RAs).