Transfer of Credit Policy

Transferred credit must be applicable to current University of Dallas degree programs. Credits transferred from a two-year or community college shall not exceed 60 credits. Grades below C- do not transfer for undergraduate credit at the University of Dallas. In special circumstances for courses not required for the major a student may appeal this decision to the appropriate Dean.

Students currently matriculated in an undergraduate degree program may not transfer credit from a course taken at another college or university unless they obtain written permission from the offering department on this campus prior to enrolling in the course. To request transfer approval, students must complete a Transfer Credit Request Form from the Office of the Registrar and submit it, along with the catalog description and/or course syllabus of the proposed course, to the relevant department chair for the approval signature. Students must then return the signed form to the Office of the Registrar prior to enrolling in the course. Grades earned at other institutions are not averaged with grades at the university except when the student is being considered for graduation with honors. See "Undergraduate Graduation Honors." Credit is not transferred without approval.