Transcript Policies — Undergraduate and Graduate

  1. No official transcript or other evidence of attendance is issued to or for a student who is in debt to the university until such indebtedness has been paid in full. In addition, transcripts are not issued to a student who is in default on an educational loan.
  2. Transcripts are issued only at the request of the student or appropriate institutions and officials.
  3. Official transcripts may be ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse. Please see the Registrar’s home page for more information on ordering transcripts.
  4. Transcripts which have been presented for admission or evaluation of credit become a part of the student’s permanent record and are not reissued. Transcripts from other institutions, if needed, must be obtained directly from the original issuing institution.
  5. Transfer work from other institutions will not be recorded on the university record unless the student is a degree candidate at UD.
  6. Disciplinary actions, that are academic are not recorded on the official transcript.
  7. Non-academic disciplinary actions are recorded on the transcript if the student is ineligible to re-enroll, for reasons other than academic or financial.
  8. Since the academic transcript consists of all academic work completed in all credit programs, requests to release only a portion of the transcript or to exclude any part of it will not be honored. If the student does not authorize the release of the complete record, the transcript will not be released and any fee paid will be returned.