Repeat and Cancel Policy

  1. In case of a repeated course, the lower grade is excluded from units attempted and from the cumulative GPA. The lower grade remains permanent in the student’s academic record, but is annotated as being excluded from GPA calculations and from any credits that may have been earned.
  2. Repeat and Cancel may be used only on courses taken and repeated at the University of Dallas.
  3. Repeat and Cancel may be used for up to a total of fifteen (15) semester units taken at the University of Dallas.
  4. Repeat and Cancel may be used only on courses with grades below C-.
  5. A student may repeat a course for credit only once using this policy.

Other than this limited repeat and cancel policy, for undergraduate students, UD counts the first grade earned in a course if the grade is passing (at least D- in lower division courses and in non-major advanced courses, or at least C- in advanced courses in major field). That is, the first grade stands even if the course is repeated and a better or lesser grade is received. The repeated course is not calculated in the grade point average nor counted in hours for the degree if the first course was "passing" as defined above. If the first course grade was not passing, both grades are included in the grade point average. The student may not repeat a course for additional hours toward a degree unless the catalog description specifically states that the course may be repeated for credit.