Consortium Arrangements

In certain degree programs undergraduate students with advanced standing may study at other universities through the university’s standing consortium agreements. Consortium enrollment must be recommended by the major department and must be full time. Arrangements must be made well in advance with the major department, the Financial Aid Office and the Registrar’s Office from which more exact guidelines may be obtained. For program-specific fees, consult the appropriate department.

A consortium agreement with a college or university not covered under a standing agreement is possible only if a department chair wishes to recommend such an agreement and is able to verify the content and validity of specific proposed courses. A student requesting such an arrangement must make the request at least six months before the beginning of the proposed semester of study. As with regular consortium agreements, the student must be degree-seeking and enrolled full time. If the agreement is approved, the student must fulfill the rest of the requirements and the credits and grades will be posted as transfer credit, i.e., the grades are not included in the university GPA. For program-specific fees, consult the appropriate department.