Class Attendance Policy - Undergraduates

Class attendance is assumed. Unexcused absences from three class hours in any one course shall be reported to the Registrar, who then warns the student. If any further unexcused absences occur, an instructor may, at any time before the last day of classes, require that the student be withdrawn for excessive absences by notifying the Registrar in writing. A "W" is assigned through the withdrawal deadline, generally the 10th week of class. After the withdrawal deadline an "FA" is assigned. The Registrar notifies the student of the instructor’s action and invites the student to consult with the instructor. The instructor’s decision is final.

Student Absences due to Athletic and University-Sponsored Events

Students who are absent from classes for games and travel-related athletic and other university-sponsored events approved by the appropriate academic dean should not be penalized for these absences under the following conditions:

  • The student has met with the instructor to discuss upcoming classes for which there are conflicts with a university event. This meeting should be as far in advance as possible (typically by the second week of class for events already scheduled for the semester).
  • The student has not missed more than three hours of class time in a three-credit hour course (and similarly and proportionally for courses with fewer or more credit hours).
  • Students are entitled to two excused class hours for attendance at such events. They are not entitled to more than two excused class hours, though instructors may grant further excused hours at their discretion.

Further, for any absence that requires make-up work, the instructor should work with the student to make reasonable arrangements for the missed work, classes, and examinations. The student is responsible for completing the make-up work on time.